This is my website for all my "glassy" goodies and jewelry designs.

What's New is my Facebook Fan page where I blog about what I'm playing with and excited about at the moment. It could be a new color of glass or a new techniques that I am just learning. Bop by this page often to see what "is lighting my fire".

Events ... places I will be with or without my jewelry and glass.

Links are all my favorite sites: from fellow artists; to suppliers; to just pretty things.

Frit Worx is now replaced Britt's Baubles. I started making frit last June and later in 2012 started mixing my own boro blends. This page will feature my blends, latest tests, etc.

Last but certainly not least ... Shop ... my Etsy storefront.

And the missing link ... contact me ...

email: Magpieglassworx at or call: (717) 575-2920


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