It all started in November of 2004 with playing purchased beads making them into jewelry designs. I then "discovered" PMC (Precious Metal Clay). After taking several classes in PMC, I felt the need to learn to fuse glass. Fused glass can be incorporated into PMC pieces before firing and add color and dimension to the piece.

While at a bead show, I saw a lampworker displaying boro beads. I was hooked. The color, the depth, I wanted to learn how to do that. After taking some basic instruction in working "on the torch" and a flower bead making class in Philadelphia, I was totally hooked. In October of 2008, I purchased a surface-mixed torch and set up a formal glass studio at the Red Barn Gallery in Mount Joy.

Since that time I've been working on practicing my skills at the torch. This is an ongoing process as I experiment with glasses and color combinations. I work mostly with Borosilicate (Pyrex) and various color reactive soft glasses from New Zealand, the US and Italy. I hope you enjoy my creations and look forward to my future artistic endeavors.

I settled on Magpie Glassworx for my business name. This is a nod to my soul-sister and fellow magpie, Sheila. We both are attracted to all things shiny.

Laura Walters




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