Artists that inspire me: (aka Chad Trent) another fab boro worker (aka Nolly Gelsinger) friend, mentor, & glass artist who makes fabulous flowers that inspired me to play with soft glass. (aka Leslie Scott) my friend & mentor who taught me all things metal clay and fused glass.

Favorite Suppliers: -- Jamey Lynn has the awesomest prices and a wide selection -- Julie is here on the East Coast and has great selection and super quick shipping of everything "Soft Glass". -- Ron & Rocio Bearer glass business (formerly Art Glass House but Ron's parents have retired). Website just recently came on line and is still being built. Hope to visit in person some day. Everything glass ... fusing, stained glass and lampworking.

My frit addiction: -- the women started the whole "frit" scene and still has some of the best blends. -- my favorite frit supplier. Pretty blends and super fast shipping. -- Robin has great blends and cz's and foil and leaf and, and, and -- new on the scene. Many reactive blends. Having fun playing with her color lineup.

Special Places:



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