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Winter has hit with snow every few days. Time to catch up the website and make some modifications. First up. Shop Lancaster launched and has been a huge disappointment for me. Great idea, great venue but not suited to what I do.
I joined multiple Facebook selling groups last Spring but never got active. Well at Thanksgiving I started selling on two Facebook groups run by some of my glass peep friends. So if you are looking for beads or pendants ... they can be found online through "Perfectly Flawed Lampwork" and "Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale". I belong to other and will add them to the "Links" page as I go active on them.

What's New page is going to be phased out and the menu button will take you to my Facebook Business page: http://www.facebook.com/MagpieGlassworx I'm hoping it will be easier to keep up to date since I tend to touch Facebook every day now.


Life is nuts. Never seems to slow down. My latest endeavor (still working on adding to the shoplancaster site that is not live to customers yet). I now sell Jamberry Nail Wraps. www.magpielaura.jamberrynails.net

Contact me by email to receive a free 7-day challenge ... if you would like to try them out "free of charge" and see what you think. I love them and I'm confident you will to.

If you want to see pictures or posting (as well as give me some "Likes" my business Facebook page is located here:


Of course, MagpieGlassworx is also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MagpieGlassworx?ref_type=bookmark


It's been busy, busy. I'm still playing with the "fun with frit" series. It's been wonderfully popular with my customer base on Etsy. Thank you loyal customers for all your support of my glassy addiction.

And in other news ... I'm launching another selling venue. It's called ShopLancaster. General website info is at www.shoplancastercity.com. This is for all local, handmade items from Lancaster County and is an all new online selling venue. I plan to mostly feature my jewelry creations there while maintaining Etsy for select jewelry and my other glass works. (in other words, if you want beads ... go to Etsy ~ if you are looking for jewelry ... go to ShopLancaster).


Here's how I spent my Memorial Day (well the days leading up to it actually). I call this the FWF series as in Fun With Frit. And of course, being the Magpie ... it has to have "sparkle".


Beautiful Sunday and I got to grind some frit. Oh my ... need room. Having a sale ... all the overstocked frits that have been sitting around for 2 years ... on sale NOW at 30% off through May 5th .


Happy Easter! Hard to believe I've neglected the website this long. Daughter came home from Basic Training in October. Turns out she broke her foot years ago (we never knew) and all the marching and running inflamed it. So Existing Prior to Enlistment discharge. Now for her to figure out what she is going to do with the rest of her life since the original plan is pretty much nixed.

It's been busy. Working on the finishing touches to start manufacturing boro frit for Salt City Glass in Utah. Working up a couple new Magpie Blends that I'm getting ready to launch and getting ready for the first of my Spring shows. All while working 10 hour days at the day job.

Oh and this little sweetheart has been keeping me plenty busy. Her name is Dizzy. She stole my heart and is my forever dog.



I'm baaaccck. Yes, I am still alive. I was unhappily Microsoft Updated which rendered my computer DOA. Hubby surprised me with a new system this past weekend so I finally have access to my web page again.

It's been a busy six months with a kid graduating school. We are in the home stretch ... this Saturday is her going away party, Sunday I drop her at the recruiting station for her to head to MEPS for her final processing and all systems go ... she ships out Monday for Oklahoma for 9 weeks of basic training, then to Arizona for 35 weeks of AIT school starting September 30th.


Hey baby it's cold outside. Woke up to 14 degrees F. Yuck. Too cold to torch. Too cold to even work on fused glass pieces. So hey ... time to update the website.

You'll notice that I've retired Britts Baubles page. Since once she finished high school the beginning of June she's off to see the world with the military. Figured there will be nothing to post. So I've made it a page feature my custom boro frit blends!! More eye candy for all those glassy peeps and non-glass peeps that like to look at pretties!!


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